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Exploring Tasmania's Golf Scene: A Guide to Golf Driving Ranges Near Hobart

Tasmania, with its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, is a haven for golf enthusiasts. If you're in Hobart and looking to practice your swing or enjoy a day out with friends and family, you're in luck!

We've put together a guide to the best golf driving ranges near Hobart, where you can hone your skills and experience the beauty of Tasmania's golf scene.

Golf Park Hobart - Cambridge (20-minute drive from Hobart):

Located just a short drive from Hobart, Golf Park in Cambridge is a premier golf driving range that offers an exceptional experience for golfers of all levels. With state-of-the-art TopTracer screens at each bay, you can practice your swing while enjoying breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. Golf Park also offers a variety of game modes, coaching programs, and family-friendly amenities, making it the perfect destination for a day of golfing fun.


Kingston Beach Golf Driving Range - Kingston (15-minute drive from Hobart):

Situated in the picturesque suburb of Kingston, Kingston Beach Golf Driving Range is a popular choice for golfers in the Hobart area. This fully equipped driving range features covered bays, quality mats, and automatic ball dispensers for a seamless practice session. With friendly staff and affordable rates, Kingston Beach Golf Driving Range is an excellent option for golfers looking to improve their game.



Whether you're looking for a quick practice session or a leisurely day out with family and friends, the golf driving ranges near Hobart have something for everyone. From state-of-the-art facilities to stunning natural scenery, Tasmania's golf scene offers a wealth of opportunities to enjoy the game you love. So grab your clubs and head out to explore the best golfing spots near Hobart!

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